Fashion Blogger Form

If you are a fashion blogger,
If you are a pretty girl who loves fashion,
If you always want to show yourself and you have fans who adore your style,
So, if you've got an eye for styling and a knack for photography, please read on.


Fashion Blogger Policy 

    • Fill in the form below and stand a chance to get a free product worth from $25 to $150 every month.


    • You get to choose the products you want within the price range stated for your level. 


    • You need to register for a account before we can send you anything.


    • You will be required to put our banner on the home page of your blog (side banner) once you are selected to participate in our program. We will track the comments and traffic from your blog. If the response is very good from your blog, we may upgrade you to the next level of the program, or provide you with additional benefits.


    • Please share your experience of wearing our products via all forms of social media which you use frequently. 


    • Within 3 weeks (21 days) of receiving the free product from us, you are obligated to take photos of you wearing our product, and publish them to your blog, lookbook, facebook, twitter, chictopia and any other form of social media which you are on, so that we can get feedback from the market audience in a timely manner.


    • When you publish the photos and review of the product, please add the link of our website ( or the link to the product page.


    • We update new products every week, and you may check our "New arrivals" section every week for new products. You are allowed to select any products from our store as long as it is within the price range for your level. 


    • Based on the quality and response of your reviews/posts, we will adjust the benefit level for you in the program accordingly. If the quality and response are good, we may upgrade you to the next level. Similarly, if you are unable to complete the reviews/posts in a timely manner or effectively, we reserves the right to downgrade you in the program. 


    • We will have the rights to use any photos/reviews you posted of the free product you have received from us. From time to time, we may use the photos/reviews in our facebook page or on the website. We will credit you with the photos/reviews if we use it. If you have any objections to this, please include the objection in the email application. 


  • Fashion Blogger Levels:
    • $25 level: freebies worth up to $25 every month
    • $50 level: freebies worth up to $50 every month
    • $75 level: freebies worth up to $75 every month
    • $100 level: freebies worth up to $100 every month
  • Important things to note when filling up the form below:
    • Email: Must be same as the email address of your account in
    • Screenshots of the stats for your blog:
      • *this will increase the chance of you getting accepted and also getting a higher level in the program if your stats are good.
      • Screenshot of stats should include pageviews per day/week and number of unique visitors per day/week. (, or Google Analytics statistics screenshots are highly recommended.)
    • Additional URLs can include Chictopia, Youtube, Facebook, Lookbook and more. Separately each URL in a different line.


We look forward to hearing from you and joining us at our Fashion Blogger program!


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